Elena Dauenhauer

Master Certified Health Coach

My name is Elena Dauenhauer and I have a passion for sharing the gift of health and wellness with others. I am committed to working with individuals to create healthy habits and make sustainable changes that improve their overall well-being.

I have a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness and am a Master Certified Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute. My 10 years of experience working with cardiac patients has allowed me to support individuals in recovering, managing, and overcoming health-related issues by making positive lifestyle changes.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

For several years as a Fit4Mom Instructor, my heart was filled by coaching mothers, new and seasoned, to regain mental and physical strength and energy through exercise, healthy eating, and mindfulness. As a mother of two young boys, I know how important it is to model and teach healthy behaviors that set the foundation for children to live healthy and happy lives.

I enjoy working with women in various stages of motherhood to create personalized goals and implement strategies that can have a lasting and positive impact on their overall health and wellness. I focus on guiding and empowering the client through each step to ensure their journey to a vibrant and healthy life is fun and successful.

I am an Austin, Texas native that currently lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with my husband and two boys. In my free time, I like to play pickleball, stand-up paddle board, and venture outdoors with my family. Each year I like to participate in run races and sprint triathlons. I love to travel and experience new adventures to keep life exciting.

I worked with Elena, virtually, in December of 2020 and I really appreciated my time with her. She showed me so much about being mindful every day. She helped me focus on the choices I have every day in my cabinets with food, my weight tracking, my self-talk and focusing my thoughts toward gratitude and the everyday victories. She helped me see how thinking about my personal goals and image and being grateful for the changes before they even arrive, is creative, keeps me motivated and living with joy.

I highly recommend working with Elena because she is so non-judgmental, knowledgeable, encouraging and kind. She has truly been a blessing in my life! Thank you, Elena!

Deb P.